Raleigh Kitchen Bath Pros

There are many options to remodel your existing Raleigh kitchen and bathroom hard surfaces, as well as your antique or aging furniture, using modern repairing, restoring, refinishing, resurfacing, reglazing and recoloring options. Just about any hard surface can be refinished using refinishing techniques today. At Specialized Refinishing, we have the ability to refinish, resurface, or reglaze in a solid color, corian, or granite-like finish, a variety of materials including porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic, laminate, formica, metals, plastics, wood, bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, clawfoot tubs, pedestal tubs, showers, ceramic tile, sinks, farm sinks, vanities, countertops, cabinets, antiques, and antique furniture. Restore your Raleigh, NC bathroom, kitchen or antiques today!



Our refinishing, resurfacing, and reglazing services can help you save up to 80% over the cost of a full replacement option in the Triangle. Stained, chipped, marked, and hard-to-clean kitchens and bathrooms are unsightly, potentially unhealthy, and can create a negative impression to your guests, customers, or new tenant. Refinishing old fixtures will give your home an update in just hours, giving you the option to expand your remodeling further with the added savings. Refinishing is the smartest and most cost-effective way to give your kitchen and bathroom a brand new look! Our kitchen and bathroom remodeling experts provide the skills to give your home the TLC that it deserves. Read more at Raleigh Kitchen Bath Pros!